Questions and answers

Q: What is VPN and why do i need it?

A: VPN is a virtual tunnel between your device and the server on the Internet, in which all the traffic of your device falls. Traffic in this tunnel is encrypted and goes to the "normal" internet from the remote VPN-server.

Data encryption protects your traffic from listening by your ISP or anybody else between you and VPN server.

Q: In which juristdiction are you located?

A: Our legal entity located in United Kingdom. But all our servers are located outside UK.

Q: What user data are you logging?

A: We do not log any user's traffic or metadata. Only "logging" that we are handling is nubmer of current connections per user account: this is needed for limiting simultaneous connections of each account.

Q: What is your speed or traffic limit?

A: We do not limiting user's speed nor bandwidth. Each server has 1gbps internet connection.

Q: How to start using VPN?

A: Open TgVPN bot dialogue in Telegram and press /start button. You will be given VPN-account. Press «Start using VPN» button and follow bot's simple instructions to configure your device.

Q: What devices does TgVPN work with?

A: A simple setup is available on devices running iOS, MacOS, Windows (not mobile), Android.

Hovewer, you can use our service on any device. To do this, you need to install any OpenVPN client, then go to "Start using VPN" section in Telegram bot menu, and press "Other" button. Bot will send you OpenVPN profile, which you can import to OpenVPN client.

Q: What are the advantages of TgVPN over other services??

A: We have unlimited traffic, maximum speed, we allow using VPN on 3 devices at the same time, we do not force our users to install proprietary applications with closed source code, and also we have very democratic prices. Other information about us you may read in «About» section :)

Q: Do you limit traffic? What is the maximum VPN speed?

A: We do not limit the bandwidth and we try to provide the maximum speed so that you can comfortably use the VPN all the time.

Q: How many devices can i use at same time with single account?

A: You can install a VPN profile on any number of devices, but only three of your devices can establish VPN connection at the same time.

Q: My internet speed over VPN is low!

A: We try to make it so that the VPN is comfortable to use, but not everything depends on us: there may be bad connectivity or congested channels between your device and our server. Try to connect to a different location.

Q: My iPhone/iPad regularly losing VPN connection, although the icon of the cellular network shows a good reception!

A: Most likely, this is because your device attempts to connect to the Wi-Fi network with authorization (captive portal).
All traffic must go to the VPN tunnel, but authorization does not allow you to connect to the VPN. You must either disable Wi-Fi, or disable VPN, log in to Wi-Fi, then enable VPN.

Q: Does BitTorrent work through TgVPN?

A: Yes.

Q: Which VPN protocols do you support?

A: Our service runs IPSec (IKEv2), OpenVPN and OpenConnect (AnyConnect) protocols. For devices running iOS and MacOS we recommend to use IPSec, and OpenVPN for Windows, Android and any others devices.

Q: On which protocols and ports is OpenVPN running?

A: Currently, the connection to our OpenVPN servers is possible using the following protocols and ports:

UDP/443, TCP/22, TCP/80.

However, this list may change in the future.

You can get the current protocol/port list at any time by opening the .ovpn config file in any text editor. The configuration lists all these ports and protocols at the same time - and if the port is unavailable (for example, if it is locked at work), the OpenVPN client will automatically attempt to connect to the next port / protocol.

Q: I want to connect my router to VPN. Can i do this?

A: Yes, you can, but we do not guarantee the correct operation of this scheme.

While the service is designed for individual use, and a little later we will offer special routers or router accounts, to which many users can connect.

Q: What information do you store about my account and traffic?

A: We store the information necessary for the operation of the account: your Telegram ID, the account itself, the payment history.

Q: Why OpenVPN connection works wery slowly on my Windows?

A: Most likely this is due to the peculiarities of the DNS operation in Windows 10. DNS queries on Windows 10 are sent first to local interfaces and only when they are not answered, the requests are sent to the VPN tunnel.

To eliminate this effect, use the latest version of OpenVPN-client, at least 2.4.2, in which similar behavior of Windows was taken into account and circumvented.

Q: Are you using virtual or dedicated servers?

A: 80% of our locations running on dedicated servers. We using virtual machines only on non-popular locations, and we are ready to replace them to dedicated servers if location becomes popular.

Q: What crypto algorithms are you using?

A: We are using AES-256 encryption in both OpenVPN and IPSec. It's definitely strong encryption.

Q: Can i setup vpn-connection manually (on linux box or router)?

A: Yes, of course you can. We recommend to use OpenVPN daemon as vpn-client for this case.

Q: Can i become some trial period?

A: Basically, we have referal system for this cases. But you can to ask our support team, and we will give you some trial period :)

Q: What is you refund policy?

A: You can ask for moneyback at any time while using service, if it doesnt work properly.

Q: What locations do you have?

A: Currently we have our nodes in:

- Amsterdam

- Frankfurt

- Singapore

- Luxemburg

- New York

- San Francisco

Q: How should i pay for the service?

A: You have several options:

- Regular credit card payment on bank payment form

- Embedded Telegram credit card payments

- Bitcoin payment

- Dash payment