Setup / Android

VPN Connection setup on Android (4.2+)

1. We recommend that you use OpenVPN for Android for VPN connection setup. You can install it from Google Play-Market

Install VPN-Client, then go to our Telergam-bot.

2. In the bot dialog window, press "Start using VPN" button, at the next step click "Android" button, and finally select the preferred location for connect.

After thlocation selection, bot will send you configuration file with .ovpn extension. Download the file and run it, selecting OpenVPN for Android as application for launching .ovpn file.

The OpenVPN for Android configuration import window will apear.

Name the proflie you import the name convetient for you, for example "TGVPN AMS". It's convetient to name the profile with location tag, because you can have multiple location profiles at the some time.

After naming the profile press "ok" button in the top right corner of the screen. Configuration will be imported.

Now, if you run OpenVPN for Android, there will be new connection that you just imported on the main screen.
To establish VPN connection you should just press on it's name.

When you first start up each vpn connection, there will be warning that you must accept to establish the connection.

Also when you will launch new connection first time, the app will ask you about your login and password
In order not to enter your credentials every time, we recommend to mark the checkbox "Save password".

Your login and passwod you can see in bot window, on the start screen. You can see the start screen from any place in bot dialog by pressing "Main menu" button.

After that, if you did everything correctly, within a couple seconds a VPN connection will be established.

In the app window the line with the words "Connected: SUCCESS" and other connection information will apears. On the status bar of your phone will be displayed a key symbol, indicating that all your internet traffic goes trough VPN connection.

Additional settings

   Persistent VPN connection

    In order for your VPN connection to be permanent, you need to adjust some additional settings.

   1) Open OpenVPN for Android app and go to "Settings" section:

In the settings section, do the following:

а) Press on the "Default VPN" menu item and select VPN connection that will be used by default:

б) Check the "Connect on boot" and "Reconnect on network change" items. Thus, your connection will be establish automatically after you phone reboot, and it will be reconnect to VPN after network changes.

    Battery economy

    In the same "Settings" menu you can also check the "Pause VPN connection after screen..." item. When this item is checked, your VPN-connection will be paused if the screen is off and less than 64 kB transferred data in 60s.

    You should notice, that when the VPN connection is paused, your device is full offline, with NO network connectivity.