Setup / OpenVPN on Mikrotik

Our service enables making a Mikrotik-based VPN router and distribute a VPN connection to one or several devices.

In that case, the connection speed will be limited by the processing power of the specific router, as AES256 encrypting is pretty resource-consuming. For example, for a RB951Ui-2HnD model router the maximum connection speed will be about 35Mbps.

1. Open TgVPN-bot dialog, go to the menu "Start using VPN" -> "Mikrotik" -> Choose a location you want to connect to. The bot will send you 3 key and configuration files.

2. Save the key files to your computer and load them to Mikrotik. This is very easy to do with Winbox: drag the files into the Files section with your mouse.

3. Copy commands to the Mikrotik terminal according to the bot's instructions.

4. If your Mikrotik has static preferences, route distance should be set to "2" so that the route to the OpenVPN connection is prioritized. If the router gets preferences automatically, you can enter the command:

/ip dhcp-client set numbers=0 default-route-distance=2

5. To prevent DNS-leak, it is necessary to provide our clients connecting to the router with our DNS:

After that, you Mikrotik should start distributing an internet connection via VPN.