Setup / Windows / Setup OpenVPN

 1.    First, download and install "OpenVPN GUI" program from this  link. You should not change installation parameters.

During installation, you will be prompted about to install required drivers for OpenVPN to work, you should accept.

    2.    Then open the dialog with our Telegram-bot, and select "Get Settings" menu item.

Next, press "Windows" button, and then - select your preferred location for VPN connection.

The bot will send you two files, save both of them in the "config" folder under OpenVPN GUI installation directory. Usually it's "C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config":

    3.    Run the OpenVPN GUI program from your Start menu or desktop icon.

    4.    In the system tray, in right bottom screen area, right click on the OpenVPN icon - it looks like monitor with lock. In context menu, click on "Connect" item. VPN-connection will then be established. In the same way, you can then disconnect the connection.

If you have multiple profiles for different locations, in this context menu you could select one to connect with.

 If you want OpenVPN GUI to start automatically on Windows start, right click on the OpenVPN GUI icon, go to Settings, and check the "Launch on windows startup" checkbox.